Hello, my name is


Software Engineer specialized in 3D Games, Engines, & High Performance code.

Contracter, remote, world-wide.


Technical Design

Need new features to be designed or a whole new system all together? I'll draw a design based on all conditions and goals. To keep these designs from becoming obsolete fast I refrain myself from deciding anything on micro/development levels, leaving that to the skilled programmers implementing it.

By default I consider SoC, usability, and performance.


Development and implementation of designs, changes, bug solving, etc.
As of my gaming background I'm able to write performant real time code with applied linear algebraic knowledge.

Specialized in C++ and C#. If required I also offer IL, ASM (x86), Java, JS, Lua, and other languages.


Analyzing, improving, and/or development where performant code is important. From high level design down to actual assembly code.

Game Psychology

Graduated in Psychological Principles in Entertainment (Games) I'm able to assess most of your designs based on your target group.

Game (Engine) Development

Experienced in rendering (OpenGL), physics (Bullet), shaders (GLSL & HLSL), gameplay, spatial partioning, animations, and more.

Project Management

From setting up projects to leading and managing projects with Scrum methodologies.