C# Modding Environment

Complete refactor of the client’s C# modding environment. Performance increases of up to 10 times, removing per update overhead by 6.5 times, custom written task scheduler optimized for games which removed basically all previous overhead, low overhead dynamic invokable delegates, clean-up of the overal project, and a new system for their backwards compatibility needs, while also offering forward compatibility for potential changes.

  • C++, C#, and IL,
  • Design, planning, and execution,
  • Generators for Backwards Compatibility (Lua & Javascript),
  • Performance profiling (C# on mono),
  • GitHub Actions (CI/CD),
  • Multiplatform (Windows, Linux).

Moddable Voxel Game

A moddable voxel game like minecraft, built from scratch on the custom made Esteem Game Engine.

  • C++,
  • OpenGL,
  • Experimental C# modding support (mono),
  • Custom Voxel Engine,
  • Concurrent voxel mesher/triangulator and uploader.
  • Multiplatform (Windows, Mac).

Esteem Game Engine

Custom made 3D game engine for all my (future) project needs. It has a fully custom rendering engine written in OpenGL for cross platform usage, while also allowing other rendering APIs due to the use of several design pattern.

It uses the Bullet Physics Engine for its physics, the same physics engine Rockstar Games altered for their own games. It has a custom made character controller, animation system, material system, and more.

  • C++, OpenGL, GLSL,
  • Crossplatform (at least; Windows, Linux, Mac),
  • Technical Design,
  • Bullet Physics Engine,
  • Custom Rendering Engine,
  • Custom Animation System,
  • Entity Component System,
  • Extendable.

Gryphon Rider

Working full-time with Grendel Games on their title Gryphon Rider, a game made to rehabilitate children who have non-born-with balancing problems.

Refactored and upgraded their trigger system, expanded analytical tools for medical personnel, resolved the most difficult bugs that were listed, designed and built audio features, and more.

  • C#, Unity,
  • Gameplay,
  • Audio,
  • Refactoring,
  • Acted as lead artist,
  • Analytical tools for medical personnel.