Plants grown their way into Craftopia

August 26, 2019

The first plants grown their way into Craftopia! Finally!

We talked about adding vegetation like these plants ever since we started talking about a style for Craftopia. Today we finally started with the first step and created these adorable plants, as these plants have been on our minds for so long.

Within the first weeks of showing off Craftopia, we saw this recurring problem, almost each blocky voxel-game was looking like Minecraft. We did some research, looking at other games and we found out some ways how to make Craftopia stand out, set it apart, give it its own feeling, give players new ideas and new ways to express themselves, plus boost the adventure feeling. These specially designed plant is the first step to achieve our goal!

We hope you guys enjoy the picture of the plants and we’ll be designing some more vegetation to add in the mean time.