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Proof of Concept
Basic Scripting (modding)
Engine Work (adjustments & improvements)
Style & Models


Sandbox, Voxel Game or more?

In short Craftopia is a sandbox voxel game, but this is merely where the fun starts. Players can bring the whole game upside-down, like making RPGs, RTSs, or Adventure games are perfectly viable.

Our inspiration comes from both Garry’s Mod and Minecraft.  The easiness of building in Minecraft and how it promotes creativity is what we really like. But we love how people can mod Garry’s Mod without the need of any compiling, not to forget how easy it is to play on these modded servers.

Create your own blocks, scripts, & more!

Part of Craftopia’s philosophy lies with allowing modders and level creators to create their own game. So we’ve designed Craftopia to be highly customizable (modding). Adding custom blocks, custom NPCs, and scripting are all features that are already built-in or will be added. 

As for scripting we’ve chosen to use the Squirrel scripting language. Squirrel uses a C-style syntax with many useful features to script games. This programming language is ideal for new developers as newcomers can learn some of the basics of C# and to some extent C/C++ (common requested and used languages in game development). And it uses .nuts, so we can all go nuts with it!

It's about the Community!

Craftopia’s idea came from the awesome things people made and do in sandbox games. We’re focusing the game to support the community in constructive ways, not only modding but also things like sharing awesome content should become easy.

The community will be able to make mods/scripts, use them on their own server and/or share them with the public. We heavily encourage the sharing of mods/scripts as that’ll boost Craftopia’s community, this way everyone would be able to setup their own servers and change their world into something they love!

The world and terrain generation

The world is as limitless as far as your computer can take it. So you can explore the world as much as you like in any direction, as the world is also limitless up- and downwards.

Terrain generation has been built from the bottom up. We’re exploring new ways to create real-time terrains for the players to explore. Though players can create their own terrain generation through scripting later on.

Work in progress​

The game is still in early alpha, therefore players may expect crashes as the game is not even near any release state, not even beta. So everything you can do and see in the alpha might be changed in future versions.

We’re proud to say that we’ve built this game from scratch and with the help of our in-house game engine! This means we can optimize everything from A to Z, making sure it doesn’t take more of your computer than necessary.

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